DROOLY CHEWS is a vibrant destination for the modern mom looking for versatile and baby-safe teething accessories. Each product is handmade and embraces the beauty of small imperfections just like each unique mama juggling to retain her own sense of style as she loves and embraces motherhood!

Founder Janhavi was raised in India in a family of entrepreneurs. Looking at the physical, emotional and psychological turmoil that entrepreneurship brings along, she decided not to partake in the family-run business and moved to California. She spent most of her pre-baby life working in Investment Banks and Financial Conglomerates. She moved to Europe to pursue an MS in International Business and worked in four countries over the last seven years.

However, once she had kids, working long hours for a paycheck made no financial sense – she would be physically present at her workspace but half her mind and her entire heart was at the daycare! Maybe she had entrepreneurship in her genes or maybe it was a mixture of adrenaline and hormones that never let her mind rest (although she was running on steam behind a baby and a toddler) to start her own little venture DROOLY CHEWS!


International Chic with a Motherly Touch.


For Janhavi, creating teething accessories is an intimate process. Her designs are quirky and practical – a reflection of her character!

Completely opposed to nasty chemicals, she began her search for natural and environmentally-friendlier alternatives. With a desire to create quality products by hand, she sources natural elements and handcrafts each product with raw materials which meet the highest safety standards. She is a registered “Handmade” seller on Amazon across EU Marketplaces in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. She recently launched her creations in India. 

She loves the thrill of being her own boss – no deadlines, no boring meetings and nobody to limit her creative ideas. However, the reality is far from fascinating: revolving her life around two children aged 1 and 4 as well as a new business, makes her wish that the day has more than 24 hours! Nonetheless, it truly is the most empowering thing she has done in a long time. Her face lights up with pure joy every time she gets an order and her heart swells with pride when she dispatches her handcrafted creations. Thank you for supporting her small business and happy shopping!