Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice


Are you a "hot mama" or a "cool mama"? Or maybe a perfect combination of both! This eye-catching accessory not only gets you compliments, but also helps your baby to focus while nursing instead of scratching your chest or pulling on your hair and clothes.

Available in two styles - fire (yellow/orange/red) and ice (blue/turquoise/navy)

  • Length of necklace - approximately 85cm

The wood is natural, unfinished and free of toxic chemicals. The silicone beads meet the highest safety standards and are completely safe for babies to chew. Please refer to FAQ and Safety for additional information.

Wash with mild soap and water before use. Please do not leave a child unattended while using the product. Regularly check the product for signs of wear and tear and discontinue use at the first sign of damage.

Once our products have been sold and shipped to customers, Drooly Chews waives all responsibility and liability from the use of the products.

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